Rosoman Painting

A Fantasy: Disraeli and Dickens in Mecklenburg Square
Leonard Rosoman O.B.E. RA (1913 – 2012)Rosoman Garden Painting

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This painting is one to two recently restored by Goodenbough College. The second pictures is titled: View of Mecklenburgh Square with Past and Present Local Residents. Painted using acrylic and very much in Rosoman’s playful mural style, these large canvases, approx 3m x 5m, hang in the London House library.

Dr Tanya Harrod is writing a book about Rosoman for the Royal Academy and we hope she will be able to tell us more about the figures in the picture in due course. Virginia Woolf is supposed to be one of the figures but we don’t know which one.  Perhaps the mostly hidden woman on the bench with glasses on?

Garden key holders should note the the presence of animals in the picture are a fantasy, as per the painting’s title. Real life pets are not permitted in the garden – just in case you thought otherwise!