Medical Herb Spiral

by Vivienne Lo

The Medical Herb Spiral and Bed on the North East corner of the garden was set up in 2010 with the generous contribution of the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine.

Herb Spiral in October 2013The spiral was made by expert dry stone-wallers who brought the slate from the mines of Snowdonia.

Growing in the beds are some 150 herbs that have historically been used for treating illness, and strengthening the constitutions.There are many types of simple household remedies: mints, alliums and lavender as well stronger medicines like aconite and opium. This year we even had an unplanned visit from a very handsome hemlock, but sadly Myriam pulled it up!

In this film Dr Vivienne Lo talks about the creation of the medicinal herb spiral to address issues around the use of food and herbs as medicine in everyday home remedies or as dangerous substances to be regulated.

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We would like to hear your stories about herbs that you use in your household or were used in your home when you were growing up. Please click here to email….