BBQ Etiquette

  • If the BBQ area is messy when you arrive please notify London House Reception so that they can establish who the last user was. Unfortunately you will still have to clear the area yourself but we will talk to the last user about BBQ Etiquette.
  • Before you light your BBQ clear away cold ash and coals.
  • Leave enough room round the other grills for other users.
  • Clean up all rubbish before you leave and remove it from the Garden. Food and other waste attracts vermin including rats and foxes. Abandoned bottles and tin cans are hazards for the children who use the garden.
  • Do not try to move hot coals. The next person to use the grill should clear away your ash and coals as you did for the person before you.
  • The Garden closes at 11pm. You should start clearing up at 10.45pm or, preferably, before it gets dark.
  • Do not leave the gate open at anytime. If you are expecting guests who do not have a key they should call you when they arrive.

Here’s an extract from the Garden Rules which relates to use of the BBQs

C Barbecues 

1. Two of the four grills may be booked in advance.  Two are always kept free for ad hoc users. If you are part of pre-booked party, please make sure that the other 2 barbecues are accessible and that you don’t surround the barbecue area with tables.

2. Booking forms are available from the reception desks in William Goodenough House and London House.  All bookings must be secured a minimum of two weeks prior to the proposed date.  A barbecue-booking schedule is available at William Goodenough and London House Reception for information only.

3. Groups of 9 or less do not necessarily need to book.  Larger groups of between 10 and 19 are required to book grills, but only one such group booking will be accepted at any time (see 1 above).

4. Organised parties of 20 or more require permission from the Garden Committee and, due to the demand on the Garden, it is necessary to ensure that all large gatherings are comprised mainly of Mecklenburgh Square Garden key holders.  Also, a £50 deposit is required.

5. Applications may not be approved due to previously scheduled events.  It is, therefore, important that permission is obtained before inviting your guests.

6. Please complete and return the booking form (with a £50 deposit, if applicable) to either College Reception. Your deposit will be refunded one week after the barbecue provided that the garden is left in excellent condition and all refuse has been removed (see below).

7. All users of the barbecue must remove their rubbish.  The barbecue area must be left clean and tidy ready for the next users. The Garden Committee does not provide charcoal and rubbish bags.  Please remember to bring your own.

8. Rule A7 applies to all users of the barbecue, namely the playing of radios or the use of any form of amplified sound equipment is not permitted, neither is the use of portable generators.

9. Please remember to keep the gate locked at all times.

Barbecues – Booking Procedure Overview

BBQ Procedure